Captain Services

SRQ Marine Captain Services


We can provide you with a variety of captain services, whether it is moving your vessel from slip to slip, an island getaway, or transcontinental.


We are knowledgeable with exceptional experience to deliver your boat or yacht to your desired location safely and efficiently. We have extensive experience delivering vessels of all types and sizes to a vast variety of different ports of call.


If you need to ship your boat or yacht we are able to assist. We deal with reputable shipping companies, which can ensure the safety of your vessel. We can also complete any preparations needed before your boat or yacht is shipped, so it will arrive in the condition it was in before it shipped.



We are also able to provide various aspects of training. Whether the training entails basic rules of the waterway, docking, or understanding the latest electronic equipment we can provide hands on training with a knowledgeable captain.

  • Navigational
  • Docking
  • Equipment Training
  • Instrument Training
  • Driving the boat
  • Rules of the road
  • Systems Training



We also can provide a Look In Service to ensure the continued care and maintenance of your boat or yacht while you are away.


A qualified captain will provide system checks, provide routine maintenance and keep you informed of your vessel while you are away. All vessels in the look in program have a monthly log to record upkeep and data of all systems.


Most insurance companies provide a discount or might even require this type of service for the summer hurricane season. Also provided is a hurricane plan so there is a laid out prepared plan in case a storm should come to give you peace of mind.


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